Tooting transition town unleashing

Attending a planning meeting today for Tooting Transition Town’s unleashing and looked at a hall that we might use. The event is on 14th July. Lots of great ideas for the name and different people and activities that could be included. My task is to research other Transition town groups and see why they did or did not use ticketing for the event. So it’ll be interesting to see how it worked out for them and see if the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages.

Lots of work to do, including shooting some video vox pops of “What’s your Tooting?” to make a video of to publicise the event, it has to be something uniquely Tooting.

I really like the idea of getting people to collaborate on the day with games of Consequences were a small number of people collaborate to imagine a thing or change in Tooting. Each group literally unfolds their idea.

Steph from Totnes Transition Town dropped by on her walk – in flip flops!- across the country visiting Transition Town groups.

Steph visits Tooting from Totnes Transition Town

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