Screaming of Paul at the Ritzy

This morning I look K baby to a special screening for ‘mothers and babies’ at the Ritzy cinema in Brixton, SW London. It’s callled a screaming, you can guess why.

It was pretty busy, mostly white middle class couples with young babies. Anyway me and my girl K roll into the foyer, we check K’s ride into the buggy park and entered the cinema. K’s eyes sparkled a lovely big grin spread across her boat and she wiggled. It was dark, she pivoted round the stare and smile at the lights on the ceiling. Then the big screen, lots of others of K’s kind, the occasional grizzle, screech. K grinned and squealed for the first 30 minutes. Did some sitting and watching then grinched herself to sleep in my arms- lovely.

The film Paul was quite entertaining too, quite silly and funny at times.

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