Film & TV production company’s  Hammer & Tongs website. Playful, groundbreaking and of course award winning. It includes its own weather system linked to satellite information and ‘god’ mode to manually control the environment (time of day, weather, etc). Made in 2002 with a client that had a great sense of fun. Still great, if you can play Adobe Flash…
Role: Creative and Coding.

Happy Museum

happy museum website screenshot

The Happy Museum Project

Site re-design for a lovely bunch of people. We produced and built a site that worked across web and mobile devices and that’s sustainable – easy to update and maintain. We re-developed the existing content rich site, starting with the information design and onto the build and SEO. We provided the digital knowledge, the client bought their intimate knowledge of their content. Three rounds of user testing later and we’d made it easier to find useful content and a much lovelier experience to use. We increased visits and their duration by 30%.

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Role: producer, PM and build.