In many ways games are the most difficult user experience (UX) projects. Balancing people’s sense of agency, delivering a narrative and giving the players a good time is a tricky balancing act. Many of the these skills transfer perfectly to any project, especially with the recognition that ‘gamification’ using game-like engagement techniques in all projects is handy.

Mario Kart animated start screenMy favourite game is still Mario Kart N64 multiplayer. One of the simplest and best balanced games ever made. My homage to this game is Hissteria (see below).

Signs of life screen

Signs of Life

Signs of Life is an Interactive story for teenage girls for the BBC. Inter-leaving video, games and personality tests. A £1m budget. What a blast! We aimed for the stars and landed somewhere in a freezing forest in Buckinghamshire and … Continue reading

A colourful slots game showing reels and characters and player ranks

High Stakes

High Stakes is an original social media slots game. Developed game narrative and flow. Making this real-time multiplayer slots game was fun. You join a team for an old skool bank heist and try to spin your way up to be the … Continue reading

Porsche Cayman physics



Wheel Deal iOS

Ready to Learn


Mighty Truck of Stuff

DIY challenge

IJW – home office

Jamie Kane – ARG


Lady Madonna Pinball