Developing new gamesssss

I’m developing a new game for Yazino at the moment with Matt Burton McFaul – the old team from Signs of Life. It’s a totally new game; the ugly prototype has worked perfectly as a proof of concept and we nailed the look and feel last week, after much stroking of chins. I’m working with a good team and ‘am really looking forward to reviewing how the game board and creatures look on Monday.

The game itself is still awaiting agreement on the final name. The beauty of the game is that it only has 3 rules – nice and simple. It’s exploits real time multiplayer interaction and allows you, as a player, to mess with other players’ games. Inspired in part by my favourite video game of all time Mario Kart (N64). If I have time I’ll write more about the some of the thinking behind the game, but it’s tricky without giving away to much…

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