Baby eyes

Thought of a horrific scene for a horror movie.

A man sits in his comfortable settee at home. It’s dark outside, early evening in winter, raining. Inside the room is warm. The man is bottle feeding a 6 month old baby. The baby is drinking her milk and looking around fascinated by the world around her. When she turns to far the teat of the bottle leaves her mouth. The man looks into the babies eyes smiles and cajoles here back to drinking. Still hungry the baby turns back and finds the teat and begins sucking again. After 30 seconds baby turns away from the teat again. The man googoos and encourages the baby to carry on drinking. But the baby just stares in one direction – over the mans shoulder. She smiles and wiggles her feet. The man “Come on silly beasty, back to your bottle”. The baby continues to stare over the his shoulder. Her smile folds into a frown. The man “What is it…” he turns to follow her gaze.
Cut to wide shot of the something dark menacing and dangerous and terrible.

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