Short film idea – secret question

That Thing
Some people use excuses not to reveal a secret to others, saying ‘when they are ready to know they’ll ask’.

What question should you ask? How do you know what it is and when you should ask it?
What does your wife want you to ask? What is the answer?
Do I have a terminal medical condition that will only be revealed if I ask?

With a bit of direction or mis-direction who knows what might be shared. An application ThatThing has been developed to reveal the secret.
ThatThing is very popular and three months after its release dark patterns begin to emerge. It appears that the desires, dreams and fantasies of 1.3 million women have been captured.
What happens when these secrets are merged, compared or the threat of public release seems real?
Is it blackmail. The chance to liberate. The opportunity for men to save their relationships?
How much would you pay to know the question your partner is waiting for you to ask?

ThatThing® has the answer.