Pasty on a night bus

Met a chatty guy on a night bus who gave me a Cornish pasty. He’d been serving wine at a wedding and had a bag full of bottles wine and 9 Cornish pasties, it was quite tasty. He fell asleep and we woke him up in time for his stop.

Giving our information away

Are you tired of only being able to express your opinion on entire articles
on the interweb?

Have you been gagging to share your thoughts on individual words within a
sentence and automatically spray these out to the world?

Your life can now be complete thanks to blippr

This is how a link appears next on the word Android
in a Mashable article.

Blippr smiley link

Blippr smiley link

Blippr could be just a useless widget for geeky, opinionated monkeys. I’m
pretty sure the data that the lists of your likes and dislikes of different
media that Blippr hope to collect and them having a view of how these
intersect with your peers could be a useful to you, as a way to filter and
find interesting stuff.

Blippr link rolled over

Blippr link rolled over

I’m equally convinced this data is incredibly valuable to media owners and
advertisers. Should we be receiving micro-payments for each review,
expression of preference with greater payments for allowing access to the
intersection of our personal information and our friends? Store loyalty card
schemes (Nectar cards in UK, etc) gives some small payback for your allowing
them to collect personal information on your shopping habits and
preferences. So I’m not sure why are we so eager to give this away online?

I came across this article about loyalty cards and how they don’t save you money, but do infringe your privacy. 5 Nectar points if you read this.

Tooting transition town unleashing

Attending a planning meeting today for Tooting Transition Town’s unleashing and looked at a hall that we might use. The event is on 14th July. Lots of great ideas for the name and different people and activities that could be included. My task is to research other Transition town groups and see why they did or did not use ticketing for the event. So it’ll be interesting to see how it worked out for them and see if the advantages out-weigh the disadvantages.

Lots of work to do, including shooting some video vox pops of “What’s your Tooting?” to make a video of to publicise the event, it has to be something uniquely Tooting.

I really like the idea of getting people to collaborate on the day with games of Consequences were a small number of people collaborate to imagine a thing or change in Tooting. Each group literally unfolds their idea.

Steph from Totnes Transition Town dropped by on her walk – in flip flops!- across the country visiting Transition Town groups.

Steph visits Tooting from Totnes Transition Town

Word of the day #dep

Word of the day deportalization (deportalisation) refers what Google did years ago and Yahoo are still banging on about